The Year That'll Go Down In History

In today's post I wanted to take a little time to touch on more recent, pressing events and recap on the year so far. Why? Things are moving faster than ever expected and our definition of normal is constantly changing. This blog is here to serve as a factual, informative place to keep updated; a beacon of light in a world of fake-news.

We'd also like to give our deepest thoughts and condolences to George Floyd, victims of the COVID-19 pandemic and all that have suffered as a result of racial oppression.

Let's Recap.

December 31/12/19 - China announced a cluster of cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, in the Hubei province. This was later identified to be the coronavirus as we know it.

January saw the WHO (World Health Organisation) jump in to action and gave initial warning to governments across the globe.

Australia also suffered some of the worst bush-fires ever seen in recent times.

02/01/20 - The US killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani in a drone strike.

08/01/20 - Ukrainian passenger plane shot down in Tehran, Iran. 176 Dead.

23/01/20 - Wuhan goes under lockdown to fight the coronavirus.

26/01/20 - Kobe Bryant and Daughter Gianna tragically killed in helicopter crash along with 7 other passengers.

31/01/20 - UK withdraws from EU.

February 01/02/20 - East Africa sees largest locust swarm for 25 years. Somalia declared national state of emergency.

11/02/20 - WHO names the coronavirus COVID-19. Numbers continued climbing, slowly at first. Economists and investors start to see warning signs of a market crash.

March 10/03/20 - Italy announces a country-wide lockdown to contain the spread of the virus. Other countries now have view and can take preemptive action.

11/03/20 - WHO names COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic after virus spreads to over 100 countries with 121,000 infected.

13/03/20 - Donald Trump declared US in a national state of emergency.

16/03/20 - Stocks crash to lowest levels since the 2008 financial crisis; investors lose trillions.

April 02/04/20 - Global COVID-19 cases surpassed 1 million. Ebola resurfaces in the Democratic Republic of Congo; the first case since February 2020.

May 25/05/20 - Death of George Floyd; killed by Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin. Sparks mass civil outrage; protests, riots and looting ensues.

Stocks and shares showing signs of long-term recovery.

June 09/06/20 - North Korea cuts all communication with South Korea.

09/06/20 - COVID-19 cases approaching 7 million (confirmed).

Certain countries such as New Zealand and China achieve great success with measures put in place to stamp out the virus. Other countries such as Sweden or the UK have taken a more relaxed, 'stay alert' approach where society continues to move on.

In Delhi, India, the Yamuna river is becoming much more full of life and less polluted as a result of a decline in pollutants being released in to it. Residents have concerns that it won't last for long.

What's Next?

With view of current events, it's clear that the world is in for a tough time. Tensions are rising and countries are scrambling to get their acts together. The US and UK is on the brink of civil unrest and there are still huge concerns with a 'second wave' hitting these populations as well as other countries like India or Brazil.

What we do know is that there are big civil and political moves being made this year and they will certainly shape our future for years to come. We all have our parts to play against this virus, racism and bettering humanity. The road ahead may be uncertain, but humanity, collectively, will prevail.

Let us know your thoughts. How has this year's events affected you? Do you have hope for a better future?


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