The New Technologies Transforming Healthcare

Updated: Feb 3

Very interesting read, from the Telegraph...…/new-technologies-transformin…/

Mobile technology has evolved a lot in the last 10 years. As quoted from the telegraph: 'Healthcare is about to change beyond recognition'.

For hundreds of years, if you had any problems with your health, you'd have to go and see the local witch-doctor and hope for the best. Now-a-days, medical technology is far more advanced and far-reaching, and things are only just getting better.

Here's some of the key things that stood-out for me:

VR (Virtual Reality) is being used as a phobia treatment. A study in the US has shown that 83% of arachnophobes were more comfortable with spiders after treatment with VR.

Superfast, 5G internet connections will allow doctors to perform remote surgeries.

Apps & Softwares are being used to analyse data, and save lives - “Imagine, for example, how many X-rays a radiologist will see in their lifetime. A machine could absorb this experience in minutes: the data and notes of every radiologist on the planet.”

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